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Founded in 2021, AMUCK stands as a beacon of unity for Muslim Student Associations across Kenya. We believe in fostering an environment where Muslim students can come together, share ideas, address the unique challenges they face, and amplify their collective voice. Our journey may have just started, but our aspirations are grand and our impact, evident.

  • Our Mission

    AMUCK seeks to serve as a representative body of Muslims in Kenya, doing its utmost to cater to their needs. We are committed to upholding the true Islamic faith, spreading awareness, and forging an integrated, contributing body within the nation.

  • Our Vision

    To unify Muslims in Universities and Colleges in Kenya. We aspire to create a community that actively contributes to the betterment of Islam in Kenya, enhancing participation, and ensuring knowledge is imparted effectively to our societies.

Goals & Objectives

Amuck embodies the essence of a Muslim Student Association (MSA), originating from similar motivations but at a national scale. Our aspiration is to mirror the impact of Tamsya (Tanzanian Muslim students and youth association University), aiming for robust advocacy for Muslim student rights, including crucial actions like data collection and addressing student mistreatment. With diplomacy at our core, we're prepared to take legal steps if required. Guided by Allah, we aim to not only meet these intentions but surpass them.

Amuck is dedicated to establishing Muslim Associations in non-associative schools, ensuring that Muslim students across all educational settings have a supportive community and representation. This initiative aims to increase inclusivity and address the specific needs and challenges of Muslim students. Central to our mission, this effort includes proactive steps like data collection and tackling student mistreatment. We're prepared for diplomatic and, if needed, legal approaches to safeguard these rights. Guided by faith, our goal is to surpass our intentions for a more inclusive and representative educational landscape.


Being a part of Amuck has been a transformative experience for me. The organization not only champions our rights as Muslim students but also fosters a sense of community and unity. Their dedication to creating a positive change, coupled with their hands-on approach, has truly made a difference in universities and colleges across Kenya. I'm proud to be associated with such a visionary and impactful group.


Alumni of JKUAT

Our Esteemed Advisors

Salim Jeizan

Director, Brainstorm Solutions

Umar Sakwa


Sh. Jamaludin Osman

Imam, Jamia mosque

Abdulatif Abdulkarim

Senior Counsellor, Family Resource Center, Jamia Mosque Nairobi

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